Never the goal


Always the journey


In light of my favorite TV Shows ending this coming Monday.  I would like to pay homage to the show by posting this fun gem from the show!  How I Met Your Mother…Thank you!!!

Lets go to the mall!

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#Throwback Thursday 2/14 (i know its a day late)

Ok so you’re probably wondering, Today (Friday) is the 14th.  Please excuse the late post but I thought it’d be appropriate to combine Valentine’s Day aka S.A.D. Day with my #throwbackthursday post.  This track is totally fun and definitely one of those songs that any one of us would totally forget about through the years.  Immediately, the moment you hear it again, you would totally go crazy.  Ok, maybe not that crazy but you get where I’m going with it.  Have a Great Friday everyone. Whether it is Valentine’s Day or S.A.D. Day, ENJOY, and Enjoy the Throwback video of the week.


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#throwbackThursday 2/6

Since everyone posts up #throwbackThursday pictures on Instagram,  I’ve decided to Post up #throwbackthursday in music form.  Some of my favorite music videos or some of YOUR favorites (that you the reader can contact me for) that I’d love to share.  For this week, I would like to share an oldie but goodie.  Produced by the amazing Neptunes.  To me, this song just spits out fun.  So playing this song in a DJ set would be ideal if the crowd fits it.  ENJOY Folks!


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2 Chainz and Pharrell…

This beat is super fresh and definitely a perfect song for your summer time playlists. I already have this track locked in on my DJ sets. Pharrell teaming up with 2Chainz has got to be a match made in music heaven. It simply is one of those tracks that makes you want to bounce. So everyone, roll down your windows and let this track play. Enjoy!!!

Feds Watching – 2Chainz ft Pharrell

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Summer Music that makes you feel…


Since today (June 21, 2013) is the First day of summer…I would like to HONOR 4 of my favorite songs that truly reminds me of my favorite time of the year, SUMMER!

…and because I get to see this dude in concert this summer…one of my musical heroes,

Whats your FAVORITE SUMMER track EVER???

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New music from Pharrell…

As my first post here on my site, I would proudly highlight one of my musical heroes Pharrell. His music is very unique and timeless. This track has a very feel good feel to it and is definitely one to add to your summer playlists. Especially to the playlists that involve a nice fire pit and maybe a couple beers and good friends. ENJOY this track. And the beauty of it, you can download it for your listening pleasures. I definitely will add this to my DJ set next weekend. Peace.

“Just a Cloud Away” – Pharrell

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